Friday, September 25, 2009

the WIR fittings...

Yay for Ikea's planning tool. I've fitted out our entire WIR for $2250.92 using some wardrobes from both the Elga and Aneboda ranges... the price includes the wardrobes, the actual sliding doors to match, sets of drawers, and shelving for the inside of the wardrobes...

  • Elga Wardrobe 145x58x203 White x 2 @ $400 ea
  • Elga Aneboda Sliding Door Transparent/White x 4 @ $80 ea
  • Elga Shelf White 2 pk x 3 @ $30 ea
  • Aneboda Chest 3/Drawers x 7 @ $79 ea
  • Ekby Jarpen Wall Shelf White x 8 @ $24.99 ea
  • Ekby Jarpen Aluminium Bracket x 8 pks @ $20 ea
  • Nils Stool with cover x 1 @ $59
  • Vanna Mirror x 1 @ $69
Total $2,250.92

Below is the Ikea "Vanna" Mirror, just to keep with my girly theme.
Below is the Nils Stool... a girl needs a place to sit while putting on earrings and shoes...

Below is the "Elga" wardrobe, we'll be getting 2 of these in WHITE.
Below are the sliding doors for the Elga wardrobe, obviously 4 of these in total.

We'll be getting 7 of these stand alone "Aneboda" 3 drawer set for the opposite wall. They aren't very deep, which is what we need, as the the dimensions of the WIR aren't all that big.


  1. this is all good, but what about the internals??? That's what I'm trying to work out cheaply!! With Ikea, my master WIR (Basic fitout) would be around $1,250 - ouch!

  2. Hi Annie, I've spent another hour moving things around a little, and adding in a wall of drawers. Hold 5 and I'll post the new gear including the Ikea pics... This is so much fun

  3. oh dear, when you reply to a blog question you are supposed to answer on my blog, otherwise how would I know you;ve answered!!! lol
    Lucky I checked in... haha
    Anyways, those pics are fantastic. But I think $2,200 is a lot (for me). On my budget, we've spent $230K on 32sq home, PLUS $25,000 to finish with gardens etc etc (for things I can't take with us when we sell) and then another $25,000 on furniture/appliances which we can take with us when we leave. So every penny counts... I don't like to go over budget, it just means a bigger mortgage...

    I was trying to get my whole WIR master for under $1,000 and kids' WIR's for under $500 each, but no ways, it was much more = specially a luxury fitout like yours!!! I love yours tho, how great does that look, maybe I need to reconsider the Cheap ideology of mine! I can't use that ikea WIR program because I'm on a IMAC, gotta go instore for that, maybe I should tho...
    The other idea I had was to have the WIR's wallpapered nicely and then put basic wire shelving making it look like that's what I wanted... just worried about wallpaper tho.. maybe paint bold colour??? hmmm, I'll keep thinking on that idea 4 now...

    thanks for updating with price etc...

  4. haha, well I'm replying here again, so I hope you eventually find it. I'm not sure where I'd reply on your blog, what topic would I reply to? There needs to be a general comment page that you can comment on anything. We were expecting to pay around $2000 for our WIR. We needed doors on the wardrobes (otherwise the cats will pull out all our clothes!), so the price of the glass doors bumped up the total. The shelves on the opposite wall are for my shoes, well most of them anyway. Wall paper is a great idea, or even feature walls, but you'd probably want to stick so some light colours, anything too bold and dark may close the space in. Maybe a complete mirrored wall on one side/end, to give the illusion of a larger space? We dont need to fit out any of the minor bedroom wardrobes at this stage, they all come with a hanging rail, and eventually over the coming years we'll probably add some shelves down one side or drawers, but at the moment it's just the two us, so we can afford to lash out in our WIR.