Sunday, September 27, 2009


Thanks to our MIGHTY boys we had an AWESOME weekend! 'Carn the MIGHTY CATTERS!!! Lets do it again in 2010!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

the WIR fittings...

Yay for Ikea's planning tool. I've fitted out our entire WIR for $2250.92 using some wardrobes from both the Elga and Aneboda ranges... the price includes the wardrobes, the actual sliding doors to match, sets of drawers, and shelving for the inside of the wardrobes...

  • Elga Wardrobe 145x58x203 White x 2 @ $400 ea
  • Elga Aneboda Sliding Door Transparent/White x 4 @ $80 ea
  • Elga Shelf White 2 pk x 3 @ $30 ea
  • Aneboda Chest 3/Drawers x 7 @ $79 ea
  • Ekby Jarpen Wall Shelf White x 8 @ $24.99 ea
  • Ekby Jarpen Aluminium Bracket x 8 pks @ $20 ea
  • Nils Stool with cover x 1 @ $59
  • Vanna Mirror x 1 @ $69
Total $2,250.92

Below is the Ikea "Vanna" Mirror, just to keep with my girly theme.
Below is the Nils Stool... a girl needs a place to sit while putting on earrings and shoes...

Below is the "Elga" wardrobe, we'll be getting 2 of these in WHITE.
Below are the sliding doors for the Elga wardrobe, obviously 4 of these in total.

We'll be getting 7 of these stand alone "Aneboda" 3 drawer set for the opposite wall. They aren't very deep, which is what we need, as the the dimensions of the WIR aren't all that big.

the WIR pendant...

So the ONE and ONLY girly room in the house will be as prissy and girly as possible... here's the "Princess" by Beacon Lighting. It was 50% off, what a bargain. Now I'm planning the WIR fitout (as Henley are leaving it completely empty for us).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the pool table light...

We've had our hearts set on a light like this for the pool room. FINALLY we found one! I believe it to be the last one in Australia (through Beacon Lighting that is) Found it in Darwin... now it's just a matter of shipping it to us :)

the appliances update (2)...

After much debate, we received a phone call from the lovey 'R' at Henley this morning, and they will be supplying our D'Amani as per our signed contracts/tender docs from July 9th.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the appliances update...

The word around is that Henley have changed suppliers of their kitchen appliances. We signed contracts back in July which included D'Amani cooktop, wall oven and dishwasher. We'd heard rumours and discussed the issue with others building with Henley and thought we'd contact Henley before they contacted us.

Well, the end result being they will either offer us a $1580 refund on the appliances and we source our own OR we keep the substitute Technika appliances. So, we're keeping the Technika. Not overly happy, as the warranty offer is not the same as D'Amani, and also not happy that we had to chase Henley, they hadn't advised us first. It was just going to appear as a PCV for us to sign.

We're now still waiting on details of what models these Technika substitutes are.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

the one day in September...

'Carn the MIGHTY CATTERS!!! What a match last night. I'm always really scared of going to the footy, especially during finals season... my heart cant handle close matches. Last night we sat amongst Pies supporters, most who had left by 3/4 time! Bring on next week... not sure we're ready for it though!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the Oasis shopping spree...

A friend hosted an Oasis Homewares party a few months ago... check out the website

here's what I bought for the new house...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

the lights and bar tables...

Loving Beacon's sale at the moment. Today we bought 10 lights! 3 matching pendants each for the living and dining rooms. 1 huge pendant for the master bedroom, and a smaller version of it for the library (formally known as front lounge room), and also smaller versions again of the same model lights as the master bedroom and library for the 2 toilets and the small hallway near the spare bedrooms.

Below is the 'Trinidad" pendant... 3 of these will hang each in a row in the living room, and in the dining room.
Below is the fairly extravagant "Madrid" 9 light pendant... this will hang in the master bedroom.
Below is the "Madrid" 5 light pendant... this will hang in the library.
Below is the "Madrid" 2 light pendant... this will hang in each of the toilets, and one in the small hallway.
Below are our new bar tables for our pool room! Very very very very happy with our find. We'll clean them, and stain them, perfect...! Can picture beer and nuts on them already.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the SUDD OFF plug...

So... a talented friend of mine based in Melbourne has set up this fantastic website

Check out the wide range of natural bath soaps and body products that are unique, original and handmade.

I know I'm going to buying heaps of goodies for my family for Christmas...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

the Plush leather modular...

Our latest purchase, our new leather modular! We love it!

It's from Plush Sofas, design is called "Melbourne", colour is a dark chocolate "Norway Bean", and the configuration is slightly different to this image, as we're having a 7 seater, plus ottoman. VERY VERY happy! So very comfortable.

We changed our minds over the "York" modular at Havey Norman and it didn't come in full leather (it was fabric and vinyl) and we're really sick of fabric as we're forever cleaning cat and dog fur.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the land settlement...

...happened today! Our conveyancer rang - all went without a hitch! We'll be cracking open a bottle of Moet tonight to celebrate!! Woohoo!!!