Friday, June 18, 2010

the final inspection...

We had our final inspection on Thursday! PCI (post construction inspection) / NHP (new home presentation)... whatever people want to call it!

We had 52 minor defects, mostly paint touch ups. One door was completely missing the dead bolt lock, render on the facade to be redone, ensuite ceiling to be re-painted, chips in door frames filled and repainted, ensuite window (glass panels are still not matching!!!) - hopefully these will be replaced asap, most brick window sills have been replaced, alfresco beam re-patched and painted, front door will be replaced (big split in it), one light does not work (put the globes in and tested all lights), a few door handles to be straightened, ensuite/kitchen cabinet doors to be re-aligned.
All in all we're pretty happy, except with how our air con unit is placed in the roof space. This has been an ongoing arguement that we first brought to the attention of our SS back in January. You'll see by the photos below that the way they have the unit platformed in the ceiling is rediculous. The last photo is of where our range hood vents into the roofspace. They've smashed a hole through the platform that the air con unit sits on - Yep, the air con unit sits right above our range hood.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

the occupancy certificate...

...arrived in today's mail along with the final invoice! Yet another step closer to getting our keys...!!! Will be giving notice to our real estate for this rental tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the PCI is booked...

Our file went to the handover department yesterday... and today we have received a call to organise our PCI date! PCI will be next Thursday... June 17th.

Another step closer to getting our keys!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

the range hood...

We had a very exciting phone call today from our lovely admin. The curved Baumatic range hood we thought we'd never be allowed to have will now be supplied after handover with the remainder of our appliances! The original Baumatic range hood on our contact isn't available anymore, so we were going to get this substitute.
However, after asking very nicely, and our admin taking the time look into it for us... the result is that we will be getting this gorgeous curved glass island canopy range hood.