Monday, February 7, 2011

the master bedroom...

The master bedroom is now 99% complete! Plantation shutters went in just before Christmas.

We're still chasing some suitable matching bedside lamps (considering wall lights to match the Madrid pendant in the centre of the room), other than that we're extremely happy!

Carpet was laid a few weeks ago, it's luxurious, so soft under foot! We ended up going with the IQ-150 from Harvey Norman, it took 14 weeks to come in (from America) but it's in now and it's fabulous!!!

the concreting...

I'm a bit behind on updates, as we've been so incredibly busy! I'll start with the concreting... We needed a base for our future spa (still on order) and also the base for a shed (yet to order!). We hunted high and low for a concreter in November/December. We maybe phoned around 12 different concreters throughout the area, and almost gave up and put the projects on hold until after the New Year, when friends Craig and Adam reccommended their concreter.

Mark from Impact Paving Services was a dream! Almost had to keep pinching ourselves! He was polite and respectful, and just wonderful to deal with. He came out and quoted at short notice, and completed the job before Christmas for us.

You can call Mark at Impact Paving on 0408 434 644 or email

I wouldn't reccommend anyone else!

So here's some pics of the concreting jobs, even though it's plain concrete, nothing super fancy, it's still fabulous!