Monday, February 7, 2011

the master bedroom...

The master bedroom is now 99% complete! Plantation shutters went in just before Christmas.

We're still chasing some suitable matching bedside lamps (considering wall lights to match the Madrid pendant in the centre of the room), other than that we're extremely happy!

Carpet was laid a few weeks ago, it's luxurious, so soft under foot! We ended up going with the IQ-150 from Harvey Norman, it took 14 weeks to come in (from America) but it's in now and it's fabulous!!!


  1. Erin, it looks really lovely! I can see why it's your favourite room :)

  2. Thank you Karla :) We're very happy with this room :)

  3. Hi Aaron and Erin! Just followed your blog. Your bedroom sure looks comfy! - Jashen