Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the holiday...

House projects have been put on hold for the last month or so, as we've just returned from travelling Cambodia and Northern Thailand. We had an absolute ball! We'd wanted to travel to Thailand for years, so late last year we finally booked some flights and on 8th April we jetted off. Bangkok was amazing, a city we could never get tired of. We travelled north up to Kanchanaburi, and visited the River Kwai where we stayed overnight on a river raft. We then travelled to Ayuttaya, Lampang, Sukhothai and all the way up to Chiang Mai. In Cambodia we visted the killing fields outside of Phnom Penh, and explored the temples of Angkor Wat north of Siem Reap. What an amazing place! Here's some pics :)


  1. you guys must been enjoying your holidays very much... cambodia is a very nice place to visit.. & also sad at times.. especially in phnom penh, when you visit s-16 and the killing fields.. but the temples in siem reap are just awesome right? whereas thai you have lovely beaches... aw.. I just missed them so much... hmm.. hope to have some holidays soon too.. :)

  2. Phnom Penh was an eye opener. The killing fields were awful, and S-21 too... Such a recent sad history they have :(

    Siem Reap was worlds away, the temples were amazing. Sunrise at Angkor Wat was one of our favourites, the pre-dawn tuk tuk trip, then the walk through the jungle from the east. Absolutely breathless... very surreal feeling being there watching the sunrise.

    We didn't see any beaches in Thailand, maybe next time! We spent our time travelling north. Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, Chiang Mai. Loved it all