Sunday, September 20, 2009

the one day in September...

'Carn the MIGHTY CATTERS!!! What a match last night. I'm always really scared of going to the footy, especially during finals season... my heart cant handle close matches. Last night we sat amongst Pies supporters, most who had left by 3/4 time! Bring on next week... not sure we're ready for it though!


  1. Wasn't it just the best feeling ever!! We were also plonked between pies supporters - which was a bit worrying to begin with, espec in the first 5 mins!! Much better than the 2007 game though - that was just too scary!!

  2. hehe, so you guys are Catters too! Yay for having fantastic people on our street! hehe. Oh 2007 was sickening at the end... thank goodness the siren sounded when it did, otherwise our season could have ended a week earlier! Very nervous about next weekend. I think we'll avoid crowds and just enjoy the game at home.