Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the Oasis shopping spree...

A friend hosted an Oasis Homewares party a few months ago... check out the website http://www.oasishomewares.com/

here's what I bought for the new house...


  1. They look nice. It's fun buying all the accessories, hey?

    ~ Hels ~

  2. i love those hanging candle lights, which colour did you get (how many)? I've never heard of oasis, maybe their new???

  3. Thanks guys. I never tire of shopping! Annie we bought 3 in the chocolate. Would like to get some more, but will wait until we have a house, and then an undercover decked area. I'd like to get some red ones aswell I think. Oasis is quite new, it was the hosts first or second party. The products are great, some on the expensive side... but it's all stuff I love.