Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the pool table light...

We've had our hearts set on a light like this for the pool room. FINALLY we found one! I believe it to be the last one in Australia (through Beacon Lighting that is) Found it in Darwin... now it's just a matter of shipping it to us :)


  1. this is a gorgeous light fitting, so sophisticated, it is going to look great in the pool room (and good to hear about the appliances!)

  2. Thanks Annie! We've been hunting high and low for this. It's exactly the look we're after. The one the Darwin store had in stock is ex-display, so we're getting a hefty discount off the price. Although the cost of shipping down to Melbourne might add up and we'll be paying close to what the original price was anyway! They retailed at $199 when they were stock. We're getting it less at least 50%, then plus probably about $100 to ship it. hehe, it'll be worth it. We love it!