Sunday, September 13, 2009

the lights and bar tables...

Loving Beacon's sale at the moment. Today we bought 10 lights! 3 matching pendants each for the living and dining rooms. 1 huge pendant for the master bedroom, and a smaller version of it for the library (formally known as front lounge room), and also smaller versions again of the same model lights as the master bedroom and library for the 2 toilets and the small hallway near the spare bedrooms.

Below is the 'Trinidad" pendant... 3 of these will hang each in a row in the living room, and in the dining room.
Below is the fairly extravagant "Madrid" 9 light pendant... this will hang in the master bedroom.
Below is the "Madrid" 5 light pendant... this will hang in the library.
Below is the "Madrid" 2 light pendant... this will hang in each of the toilets, and one in the small hallway.
Below are our new bar tables for our pool room! Very very very very happy with our find. We'll clean them, and stain them, perfect...! Can picture beer and nuts on them already.


  1. I loved Beacon's lights too, I looked around at a few places before I went with beacon, so by no means did I just buy them without first feeling sure they were the best value for money lights around at the moment! Love your choices - there's so much to choose from isn't there!!! My pics are on my blog, check em out!

  2. Thanks Annie! I checked out your lights, they're all gorgeous! I really like the WC one too! I wanted something a bit feminine and razzy in the WC, but hubby was a bit more iffy about it, so I went with the same style as our bedroom and library. Maybe in our WIR I can have something really girly and sparkly!! Beacon are fantastic, we have continually looked at other places, compared prices, but keep coming back to Beacon. The sale was on now, so we though why not?