Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the appliances update...

The word around is that Henley have changed suppliers of their kitchen appliances. We signed contracts back in July which included D'Amani cooktop, wall oven and dishwasher. We'd heard rumours and discussed the issue with others building with Henley and thought we'd contact Henley before they contacted us.

Well, the end result being they will either offer us a $1580 refund on the appliances and we source our own OR we keep the substitute Technika appliances. So, we're keeping the Technika. Not overly happy, as the warranty offer is not the same as D'Amani, and also not happy that we had to chase Henley, they hadn't advised us first. It was just going to appear as a PCV for us to sign.

We're now still waiting on details of what models these Technika substitutes are.


  1. it just shows you how unprofessional they are when you have to contact them... very disappointing, considering their display homes are fantastic!

  2. Oh I agree Annie. We love the homes, and most the staff have been wonderful. We're really disappointed they didn't contact us as soon as they knew they were changing suppliers. Obviously they've known for a while, as all the brochures in the displays advertise Technika now. I wonder at what point they'd have contacted us if we didnt contact them first? Not impressed with this. But moving forward, and hoping to have some idea about a site start in the coming weeks...

  3. Do you think this applies in all states? We signed on in January - have D'Amani listed on our Tender, and to date have not informed of any changes. We are in Adelaide! Don't really want to question it with Henley as they may look in to it and change suppliers here based on interstate suppliers. We would still like D'Amani if possible.

  4. I'm not too sure Tam. I didn't want to approach Henley first, but a few people gave us some advice and said we should. We stated that we wouldn't accept any substitutes and very basically told we have no choice. I just tried to check out the SA website, but they dont currently have one. Maybe you could suss it out by going to a display and picking up their latest brochure, see what appliances they advertise?

  5. You should do a search on H1 on technika.I remember seeing a thread recently about a few people - one was southies not being happy with that brand.

  6. Thanks Loretta, I just dragged up the thread where people were talking about the rebates etc. I've sent another email to our admin outlining our disappointment, and asking her to take our complaint to management. We decided tonight we dont want either the rebate or the substitutes, what we want is our D'Amani!!!

  7. Hi A&E,

    Its been a while I didnt update.
    Hope you enjoyed your Europe trip.

    Yes, Henley has changed kitchen appliances and paint supplier to Dulux. As you have noticed they never inform about the things, its like our need to chase things up.
    After two months of fighting, stress and frustation we still decided to go ahead with Henley. It's like we like the house plan we worked on for 6-7 months and if we change builder simlar/same house is going to cost us 20 - 25 grand more.
    Signed the tender and CSA didnt even informed us what date is contract siging, had to call and find out. still waiting for contract to be sent over, and signing is on 25th sep.
    Please let me know if there is anything to be taken care before contract.
    I wonder if Henley can give you guys D'Amani back, that will be good.
    We are not going for Dishwasher with them, had plans to replace all but was going over budget for the best ones in the market.

  8. Hey Ismail, we had a wonderful trip thanks! It went way too quickly though! We love our Henley plan, we know all these frustrations will be well worth it in the end. Make sure you check every price on the contract and compare it to your tender. We had a few discrepancies, like door width being incorrect. Make sure you are 100% happy with your electrical plan too. As long as there's no major structural changes, Henley can do lots of little things as post contract variations later, and shouldn't charge you. We have changed powerpoints etc at no extra charge since signing our contracts. Will keep you posted on the appliances. My only issue with Henley at the moment is their lack of communication. I wish they'd contact us with updates rather than us having to chase them.

  9. Thanks for your reply!
    That's good know what we can make some minor changes and don't get charge. Your changes were additional or just moving power points.
    I was thinking once it is signed its done.
    Whats happening with your site start?

  10. can i know who is your administrator? I'm building Panorama too in Point Cook and know nothing about the appliances changes.

  11. Hi Anonymous, you should contact your admin and ask them for the brochure. They can email it to you. What did you sign for? D'Amani or Technika? Have you got a blog? I'd be interested in following your build too. Thanks

  12. Hey Ismail, site start must only be a few weeks away... they're just finalising the building contract, and are about to start ordering materials. Very exciting!