Friday, May 1, 2009

The underground water tanks quote...

Today I met with "D" from Underground Water Storage. He found it a bit tricky getting to our block considering our road isn't on the map as yet. Anyway, he was great to deal with, and we have the quote, it was roughly what we thought it would be.

25,000ltr - $19,800
30,000ltr - $22,500

This is for a complete supply and installation. We can save a fair whack of dollars though if we do a bit of work ourselves. We have access to an excavator, so if we dig our own hole, it will save us a whopping $150 per 1000ltrs... so $3750 saved on the 25,000ltr unit, or $4500 on the 30,000ltr unit. Aaron being a plumber, if he hooks up pump etc etc it will save us a little more.

We just need to look into what rebates the council offers also, so hopefully there's some more savings there.

The system will be installed after the downpipes etc have been connected to the house once we start the build.

Below is a pic from today. They're still madly working on the road. Cant wait to see it actually sealed!

Carpet quotes tomorrow... oh and off the topic of housebuilding, we need to look into travel insurance for our Europe trip - 11 weeks today til we fly out!

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