Sunday, May 31, 2009

The developers approval...

Spoke with our admin at Henley last week, she advised she'd sent our plans off to the developer for approval. They met on Friday, so hopefully we'll hear back early this week if they want us to make any changes.

Also, received our mortgage documents from our broker for the land portion of our loan. The paperwork was dated April 15, with a note saying that if we wanted to accept the loan offer, we needed to sign and return the paperwork within 21 days... now that is kind of hard when it took our broker over 4 weeks to send it to us! We've posted them to the bank now, with a covering note, and have kept the express post envelope which has a date on it to prove we didn't have the paperwork. Spoke to our broker about the issue also, and he assured that his clients often send back paperwork after the offer date, and it's all fine! Hmmm... ???

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