Saturday, May 2, 2009

The carpet...

Today we set out to get some carpet quotes to submit to the bank with our building contract. The carpet is one of few items Henley dont include in their package, but we're happy to hunt around ourselves, as we like projects! We need to carpet all the bedrooms, plus the study and living room (pool room).

We visited two Harvey Norman stores, and were quoted two very different prices for the same product! The first quote at Preston came in at just a little over $5,000, and the second at Thomastown came in at under $2,500. Staff at both stores were incredibly helpful and nice to deal with, and were happy to hold pricing until we're ready, which we told them would be approx 10 months!

From Harvey Norman we liked the Adelphi Game Keeper range, colour yet to be decided, but we've narrowed it down to a few that match well with our paint sample we took in. It's 100% solution dyed nylon, with a 15 year warranty.

We also visited Carpet Call in Preston, their quote came in the highest, and we picked another solution dyed nylon in the Azura range in colour Echelon.

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