Friday, May 8, 2009

The tender queries...

After receiving the tender and drawings via email this arvo, we've sat down and thoroughly gone through EVERYTHING (well we hope it was everything). We need to email S a few notes and questions as below;

1. What are the costs involved in connecting the rain water tank to the laundry in addition to the WC? Please add this to our tender/contract.

2. External Works: Point 14-2. Roof tiles $840 on tender. Original price on quote $820, please confirm why difference in price?

3. Windows/Doors: Point 15-4. Provide timber windows to fa├žade $1086 on tender. Original provisional price on quote $605, I know this one was a provisional price, but can you look into the difference for us?

4. Windows/Doors: Point 15-7. White cathedral glass to bathroom & ensuite $230 on tender. Original price on quote $78 each = $156, please confirm why difference in price?

5. Windows/Doors: Point 15-9. Madison internal door $253 on tender. All other Madison internal doors are $214 each, please confirm why difference in price on this door, being the lock is charged separately?

6. Deluxe Electrical Upgrade Pack. Should be dimmer switches to Family, Dining & Entry, these were not included on the tender. Please add. Total $216.

7. Kitchen/Joinery. Point 17-2. No. 10 Stainless steel canopy rangehood. Please confirm what brand/model. This is to be the glass overhead canopy.

8. Site Plan. Position of legal point of stormwater, it’s assumed on the plan to be in the back corner. We are 99% sure it is on the front of the property.

9. Ground Floor Plan. Master suite entry doors. Plan says 1 x 820mm & 1 x 420mm door. Tender says 1 x 720mm & 1 x 520mm door. Which one is correct?

10. Please omit the hanging rails and shelf in master suite WIR (as previously discussed this was going to be changed as a PCV, but can we do it now with other changes?)

11. Deluxe Electrical Upgrade Pack. In the study - can we please move the double power point from the wall adjoining the WIR to the wall adjoining the porch? Can we also add a tv point to the wall adjoining the porch?

All in all we're happy with all the info we received, we're just stoked to see some progress and be another step closer to starting to build our home!!

We'll spend the weekend looking through the info again before we send the email off to S.


  1. Hi, I am new to the thread and am very glad to see your blog. Albert & I (Jane), are just now beginning the tender process on our Panorama and we will be in Laurimar-just up the road! We are from Singapore and hoping to relocate to Melbourne in June 2010.

  2. Hi Jane, we hope you post a blog that we can follow too! We're very excited about hearing of another couple building the Panaorama, as we haven't been able to find any other than ourselves. When do you hope to start building? Sounds like we will be almost neighbours!