Thursday, April 23, 2009

The site costs...

Called S @ Henley today to check on the progress of our contract.

She has requested the contracts by 7th May so she has a week to review them before we go in to sign them on the 14th May.

I queried the fixed price site costs, as we have no idea what they are. She said our sales consultant R should have given these to us. She reviewed our file and said she'd have to look into it for me and advise in the next few days.

After visiting our block and seeing piles and piles of rock dug up from near where the road will be built, we were a bit concerned about being hit up for huge rock removal costs. S assured that we have a fix priced site costs - she'll contact us in the next few days to confirm what it is.

Where's the "Dummies guide to building a house"??

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