Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Ikea trip...

Yesterday we spent a few hours in Ikea. We've made a short list of items we'd like when we move into the new house (although maybe 12 months away - however I'm good at planning ahead!).

Ikea is crazy, it's best to go only after you've browsed the online catalogue and made a short list of items you'd like to see. The amount of people in there is just nuts, and kids, my god there's kids everywhere!

We spent a few hours at home first browsing the 300+ page online catalogue, and made a list of things we wanted to look at.

The wish list:

- Grundtal ceiling mounted utensil rack $69.00
- Grundtal magnetic knife rack $14.95
- Grundtal Rail size 53cm $9.95, 80cm $14.95, 120cm $19.95
- Grundtal S-hooks 7cm 5-pk $4.95

Our bedroom wardrobe (all in white):

- PAX wardrobe 100x58x236 $209.00 x 1

- PAX wardrobe 75x58x236 $199.00 x 1

- PAX wardrobe 50x58x236 $179.00 x 3

- PAX wardrobe add-on 52x236 $149.00 x 1

- Komplement clothes rail 100cm $10.00 x 2

- Komplement clothes rail 75cm $5.00 x 1

- Komplement clothes rail 50cm $5.00 x 2

- Komplement wire baskets 75x58x16xm $20.00 x 6

- Komplement wire baskets 50x58x16xm $15.00 x 22

- PAX shelves 75x58cm 2pk $35.00 x 1

- PAX shelves 50x58cm 2pk $30.00 x 2

- Stave 70x160cm oak mirror $85.00


Below are the fittings, should be able to finally store all my shoes and bags properly!!
Below is our wardrobe, picture generated by using the Ikea Home Generator program that is downloadable from the Ikea website. You can add in what you need, and then it gives you the shopping list and the total price at the end.Spare Bedroom:

- Mandal queen bed including storage boxes $449.00

Below is the Mandal Queensize bed, complete with 4 storage boxes. We also checked out the Aneboda bed series, it was cheaper, but the quality was incredibly cheap too! Looked like it would fall apart if someone put their weight on it.
Living rooms:

- Tarnby rug 200x300cm $199.00
- Egeby rug 200x300cm dark brown/nuetral $199.00

Below is the Egeby rug;
Below is the Tarnby rug;

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