Thursday, April 16, 2009

The contract signing - DELAYED!!!...

Received an email today from S, she had been reviewing our file, and found that our contract paperwork will not be ready by our contract signing date next week!

We had already re-arranged work committments so were incredibly annoyed.

We exchanged a few emails, and she was very apologetic, but has organised a new contract signing date which will be May 14. She has requested the contracts for her review by May 7, so hopefully we'll be on track then, and have no more delays.

This post has been edited (quotes removed): April 26

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  1. That's got to suck Erin! This is partly why I chose to deal with my CSC over the phone only and not email because i believe its easier for them to put you off by email than actually speak to you! Hopefully they are signed before May 14th. Weird how we signed our tender and then 3 weeks later had our contract signing! It shouldn't take them that long... but my fingers and toes are crossed for you!