Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The landscaping guidelines...

Another one of the Mitchell's Run estate guildlines is that we must submit a landscape and plant selection plan with our building plan submission.

- Layout and materials for paved areas.
- Layout of lawn and garden beds, including types of mulches to be used.
- Layout of planting, including species and quantities.
- Details of locations, elevations, heights and proposed materials of any external structures including garden sheds and pergolas.
- Details of locations of pool. While the Committee must approve the location of your pool, the actual construction of pools must meet a separate set of safety and construction guidelines.
- Details of any existing native vegetation including branch canopy. These must be integrated into the landscape design.

They have supplied us with an extensive list of plants we are NOT allowed to use, and an even bigger list of plants which are recommended. Our plan was always to have a low maintenence native garden, so we're quite happy to do as they say (on this occassion!).

Tonight I'm drawing up a first draft of the front garden, and if I'm motivated enough, will extend through to the back yard. Need to have google on hand to check out some plants!

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