Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the tender queries answered...

Today our admin came back to us with answers regarding our few remaining tender queries...

1. Haven't heard anything back from the developer after their meeting on 29-05-09, we assume they viewed our plans then... if not I guess they meet this Friday again anway - so SHOULD hear something back soonish.

2. In regards to connecting our water tank to the laundry, they will do a rainbank system to the cold water connections (but asked us to check with the manufacturer of our washing machine as some machines are not meant to be used with unfiltered water - in answer to this, Aaron will just put a filter on after handover). YAY - in all my excitement about hearing that YES they can do it, I forgot to ask the price!

3. The contract signing date for all First Home Owner clients is 2 July. They are working towards getting all documents out to clients within the next 2 weeks.

4. There is no penalty for signing after the date on the tender document.


  1. Hi,

    Good to know that the rainwater tank can be connected to laundry. We are also building with Henley(Regatta 288) and we are in tender stage.
    Did you do the same thing for WC?
    I felt its quite expensive to go for the whole package from Henley.

    Any other things to be taken care at tender stage will be of great help.


  2. Hi Ismail, we are having the water tanks connected to the WC's as it's an estate requirement where we are building. Where abouts are you building? We also wanted the laundry connected, as it would be quite hard to do afterwards. There are quite a few things we're getting Henley to do, as it will be easier, as after handover we may never get around to doing them ourselves! We're happy to pay a little extra now and get it done.

  3. Hi Aaron and Erin,

    Thanks for the quick reply. We are building in Cairnlea. I have been going through the blogs, havent started yet one. As we are also first home builder too, its quite confusing to know what and how things to be done. I like the your blog, its quite in detail and well planned.

    As you have mentiond our thinking is also same just pay little more extra and get things done which cant be done later.

    Rainwater is an estate requirement, but connecting it to WC's is our choice. I found on internet just Rainwater tank is quite cheap to what they are offering. So need to know how much Henley is charging you for WC's connections.

    What other structural/upgrades did you do which you consider cant be done later.

    Sorry to ask you many questions.


  4. Hi, I dont mind the questions, I learnt a lot from reading other people's blogs. They're a great tool.

    Water tanks themselves aren't too expensive if you buy them separate, but it's the costs involved in the plumbing, and just the convenience that henley will do it during construction. Aaron is a plumber, so there's things we can do later down the track, but having connections to the laundry is something that really needs to be done during construction. Later down the track we can buy more water tanks and the connections will already be there, so it will be easy to hook them up.

    We've also chosen to add some internal doors to separate rooms in the house. We're rendering the front of the house, and having refrigerative cooling put in. It's quite expensive, but again convenient to have it down during construction. We are having obscure glazing to the bathroom and ensuite windows. This saves having to buy blinds later, plus it gives privacy.