Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the contract signing...

Scheduled for July 2nd!!!


  1. hahaha yep BIG yay!!! We should be receiving paperwork via mail within the fortnight... will give us a good chance to go through them thoroughly! Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi,

    Is your land settled and soil test is done?
    Wondering, because my land is almost ready but not yet settled.

    Anyhow, hopefully all of us will be getting 32k, fingers crossed.


  3. Hi Ismail, or Ismial?
    Our land is due to be titled in August, so we're still a few months away. We're glad we haven't signed our contract, as we were due to sign in initially in April, but the paperwork required some changes. Looking forward to signing on July 2nd and getting the FHOG. It's a lot of money!

  4. Hi,

    Yeh, its Ismail miss typed. Mine they are still saying end of June, getting delayed from May.
    Yeh its a lot money, lucky us.
    Wondering Henley prepared to do contract before soil test or settlement is done. So it might possible for us too. Which bank you are going with. Most probably will be with CBA.

    Its really wonderful to see planning of each and every thing in your blog and share info.


  5. We've gone through CBA (Colonial). We have family interstate, so our blog is a way of sharing each step with them. We have fixed site costs, so they can prepare our contract without soil tests.