Sunday, June 7, 2009

the outdoor furniture...

Found this outdoor setting from a place in Murrumbeena. It's exactly the look we're after... very pub "beer garden!" It's now added to the wish list! For the above table 1600mm x 900mm we're looking at $1095, and for matching bench seats 1500mm long $670 each. We think we might get some small bench seats for the end of the table too. All the pieces are custom made, so we can measure up and decide on sizes later. Love it love it love! I think this will be our Christmas present to each other!


  1. Hi Aaron and Erin i think this is a great site you have created, i found it after browsing the internet looking up house designs and layouts (for fun because im jus obsessed at the moment =p).. i am in love with Henley homes too..thank you for creating such a wonderful site with such detail. Its goin to give me alot of confidence in building a home. Congratz on building ur first home =)


  2. Hi Sam, thanks for your kind words. When we started looking at houses, I found a blog and found so much useful information. We have family that live interstate, so the blog is as much for them as it is for other people looking for build. Hopefully the info we post helps others along the way. A&E :)