Sunday, June 21, 2009

the developers approval...

We have developers approval - WOOHOO!!

Henley just need to forward them our 5 star energy rating once we have signed the contract.


  1. Congratulation! So all set to go,
    i guess u are just waiting for you land to get settle. I am still waiting for tender appt. Got financial sorted with CBA.

  2. Yes, now the long wait for the land to settle. We should also receive our contract in the mail this coming week. We didnt have a tender appointment, they just emailed through the documents. How did you go with your colour appointments? Are you happy with all your choices?

  3. Thanks,Our color appointment went well. This was second time, and yesterday we changed the bricks. We did an upgrade, then my boss rendered his whole house, so i got quote for our too and it came quite cheap than going from henley. We are also not going for henley appliances, got some idea but havent decided yet.
    What is your cost of having plumbing provision to WC's?

  4. We're still waiting to hear the cost of having the water tank connected to the laundry. We already have the water tank connected to the WC's, the cost is $3872 for a 2250lt tank, includes power point and the plumbing etc. We're still waiting on the cost to have this connected to the washing machine/laundry tap. Do you have a blog youself? I'd love to see the colours and follow your progress too

  5. Hi Guys,
    This week has been exciting and nerve breaking.

    My Land getting settled earlier than expected 30 June(Hopefully and will get $1000 from developer), and tender is booked at 7th July.

    I have been asking quite few question to my CSA, she is kind of getting cranky now. Isn't her job to help customers. I wonder if CSA will staying till handover or can we change if we don't like her.

    I am getting just plumbing provision for two WC's got price of $810. I hope will be smooth afterwards for connection.

    Thanks, will start blog soon. Just loving reading blogs now, was quite helpful.


  6. Please let us know your blog address when you set one up. We found other people's blog such a great learning tool, thought we'd set one up too. We haven't found anyone else building our house, so I think we're a first. That's a very good price for the plumbing to the WC's... did you buy a water tank yourself separate? I think you should be able to ask you CSA as many questions as possible, it's their job, that's what they get paid for!!

  7. You are exactly right about CSA. I felt quite rude today, they way she spoke.
    I have seen online, tank with pump is around 1000 - 1200, so I am hoping it will be still under Henley's total package.

    I got price for refrigerated addon cooling for $10,600, quite confused is it a better investment. Fingers crossed have soil test next week, so waiting for the total price and decide. Any ideas on this will make us take a decision.

    I will definitely start blog soon, atleast one blog entry this week.
    Thanks for reading and replying, appreciated.

  8. That's around what we're paying for refrigerated cooling. We are choosing to include it in ours during construction rather than adding some sort of cooling later otherwise the ductwork (for the existing heating) would have to be upgraded to accomodate the cooling, this would be quite costly. Plus it's just the convenience of having it done during the build. Money well spent.