Saturday, January 23, 2010

the plaster...

...started today... and finished today!

So... today our plasterers turned up... (they were booked in to start on Monday)... about 6-7 of them piled out of a van... started our plastering... and finished our plastering!!!

However... when we were down the road (at a neighbour's house) we noticed the plasterers in our backyard... they were taking our bricks! We rushed back to the house to find them loading up their van!!! A few quick words and they were unloading them!!! The one who spoke english apologised... the others however muttered something...

We were wandering around the the outside of the site earlier that day, with a camera, so clearly they knew we were the owners, had they wanted the bricks, they had plenty of opportunity to ask! It was only shortly after we went, and headed up the road (I guess they thought we were gone for good) that they started stealing our bricks! Our SS was aware the bricks were staying for us to use after handover. After the plasterers had dumped (and broken) most of the bricks back where they took them from, we then spent the next few hours re-stacking our pallet, and then wrapping the bricks in a tarp, then tied it down with rope!!!

Sprung... plasterers stealing our bricks. I'm so glad that I always have my camera with me. Just incase things got nasty... Oh our admin has very strong views about us being onsite after hours... well, this is the exact reason we stay around the area as often as we do! Thieves!!!
Our solution to our bricks being stolen. Wrapping them in a tarp, tied up with rope (in a very tricky way)... sure, if people are desperate enough they'll undo it and get them, but surely this is a enough to deter idiots from stealing them! There's plenty of other bricks on sites all around our estate that are out in the open!
A sneak peak of the plastering job through our ensuite window.

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