Friday, January 29, 2010

the lock up...

Yesterday we received our 'lock up' invoice. The biggest of all invoices! Being 35% of the total contract price. We're not actually 'officially' locked out as yet though, as the external doors haven't gone on yet... this may happen today, or it may be next week. Our 1200mm pivot door is on order from a supplier in Sydney, it should turn up soon... it'll be exciting to see it on, instead of the temp door that is currently on.

This whole experience has started to get a little stressful. We haven't felt stressed since the finance part of it all early last year. Our build so far has been quite smooth, a few little issues, but our wonderful SS has been on top of everything. I think we're at the stage now where it's only a matter of months... well weeks really until handover. We're getting anxious and just cant wait to move in.


  1. Oh why are you stressed? Is it rent + mortgage at the same time pressure? That would be hugely tough paying both.

    Can't wait to see that door!

  2. mmm... not so much the money issue, just so anxious to have our land back really, and to move in!!! will give you the dirty details over coffee lol