Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the timber windows...

Day 40: The timber framed windows are in (however they are not in the correct positions - bit of obvious stupidity - maybe related to the empty beer bottles we cleaned up on site?). The 3 awning windows are meant to go TOGETHER, and the non-opening window is meant to go on the right, I would have thought it would be obvious???

The posts for the portico (to be bricked) are in, although not yet bolted into the concrete.

Both of the sliding doors to the alfresco have massive splits in the timber. Not happy, these will be replaced. The white stars (that make you not walk into the glass) are positioned quite low... not sure if the panels have been put in upsidedown? Will stop our dogs from walking into the glass doors... but wont stop humans!!!


  1. Hi Guys,

    Its bit silly how these cant make things right at the first instance.
    I am bit worried as going away for a month tomorrow, its started frame now.
    Finally after a long time, my wife started the blog, will update soon
    Hope to see you guys on the blog.

  2. Hey Ismail, thanks for the link to the blog. We're at the house every day, so we can pick up on errors as they happen. It's a bit frustrating, but it's such a huge investment that I cant bring myself not to go everyday. I'll check our your blog :) Are you going away for work or holiday?

  3. Hi A&E,

    Gotta watch those empties. Our brickies had a penchant for a liquid lunch. Bricks were never quite as straight after midday. Good luck and I agree - it takes a daily visit to keep on top of the issues. It either gets sorted now or sorted later. I know which I prefer!


  4. Hey Guys,

    Same with us, huge investment almost life long commitment. Not really a holiday, some things are more important than house came to India to stay with Mom...see the blog.