Monday, November 9, 2009

the slab...

...was poured today!!!
The front view - dead centre...
View from front left...
Box of goodies left as a slab warming present?...
View from the back of the block...

Thirsty concreters?...


  1. Concretulations guys I am very pleased for you!!!

  2. I wonder if you will get a frame delivery today..? My money is on yes!

  3. do you have inside info? ooooh how exciting!! hehe I'm heading out there in an hour or so! Taking a box to collect all the empties and recycle them

  4. Good woman for recycling :-) Hey I thought of you the other day at Maccas... You know how we both have 'Cracked Pepper' benchtops? Yeah well so do they. I was outraged!! hahaha

  5. haha yeah I noticed that the other week when we went in to get my saturday tall hazelnut latte... they have good tastes!

  6. Yeah I just hope it doesn't confuse Christopher too much... If he starts asking me for a burger and thickshake I'll spit it. He's already joked about buying me a visor to wear in the kitchen.