Saturday, November 14, 2009

the frame continues...

...on a Saturday!
It's day 29 since site scrape and our house has taken 3D form. Woohoo!!!


  1. Great work on a hot Saturday. A close up would have been nicer. Use the zoom girl!!!

    Taking shape very nicely:)

  2. They hadn't done that much when I went there this morning! Great progress.

  3. hehe... working on that zoom Harribeka... I'm all confident... until I get to the block, then I just feel like a perve LOL.

    Hope they're back tomorrow Fel... they've half got the frame up. Was exciting to walk through though!

  4. Hey Erin, give me the zoom lens... I'll take the pics! And maybe get a phone number... whatever! lol I have no problem feeling like a perv. lol

    Looking great. Gee they work fast once they get going!

  5. It was great to meet you guys yesterday - at last we don't feel stupid saying 'these people we've met online...'!!!

    So excited about the progress on your house - hope they speed along this week!!

  6. Hey guys,
    good to see your progress..
    Mine for a stupid reason got delayed..they said due to public holiday on 3rd, the concret which was suppose to start on 6th now is going to start on 23rd..hope things will go quick after that..
    Wont be avalible from 26th to 2nd Jan..worried what they gone do..