Friday, October 16, 2009

the new lights (remainder of)...

Just incase anyone was worried that I hadn't shopped for a little while... here's some new purchases from Beacon!!

Our new Geneve light for the laundry - I had pretty much made my mind up on getting the Vogue (if you all remember my WIR pendant dilemma issue)... then I walked into Beacon and HAD to have this one instead!

We searched high and low for a pool light, even found the Beacon Eclipse (discontinued style)... they had one available in Darwin, but when it came time to double check it before packing it and shipping it to us, they found it had rusted in too many places because it hadn't been packed correctly in their warehouse!! Grrr... nevermind, we found a pool light that's a little not like what a normal pool light looks like... but when are we ever normal?

Two of these little babies will be flipped upside down for the ensuire mirror (above). See how they match the pool light? There's a theme happening here
And... these babies, one each will go on the bathroom, and ensuite ceiling. Toying with the idea of also under the alfresco and front porch.


  1. very very nice - I didn't even think of the ensuite mirrors... uoh

  2. Thanks Annie, I'm sure there's a tonne of lights I'm forgetting... remembered last night the front portico and alfresco... Out door lights are a bit harder, they have lots of wall lights, but not so much in the ceiling lights

  3. Hey Erin...The Geneve is another one I'm thinking of buying...or a few maybe!I like that they are DIY.We sure do have great tastes he he.