Friday, October 2, 2009

the final drawings...

Received our final drawings in the mail today! Woohoo!!!

But no woohoo for them sneaking in a variation for us to sign for Technika appliances when they already agreed to keep the D'Amani. Even our rangehood which was Beaumatic, they had changed to Technika! I spoke to our admin, she was very apologetic, she hadn't double checked the paperwork as someone else mailed it out. She's going to scrap that variation and send out the correct one asap. Yay. Problem solved.

Other variations:-
  • Boral Mocha bricks in lieu of Selkirk Muscat Haze $1700 - tick
  • Relocate tv point and double power point in master suite to 1900mm from floor - tick
  • Relocate man hole in Laundry to LHS of door in lieu of RHS side of door - tick
  • Provide soundscreen internall wall insulation to all internal walls $1365 - tick

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