Saturday, October 17, 2009

the laundry light...

After much debate, the Geneve light will have to go in the WIR instead of the laundry. There is a chance that it will get mouldy, even without a dryer in the room. Sooooooo... option two is this pretty little Grace fitting. It's completely plastic!


  1. Oh Erin we have the same tastes...I'm thinking of getting a couple of them too..well done.

  2. yes gorgeous - so nice to see others spending a few dollars on the little things like lights in the laundry, so many people just don't have the budget for these little extras - WELL DONE!!!

  3. Thanks Loretta & Annie :)

    these are so perfect for the laundry, they are completely plastic, but still look a little glam. We're spreading out our purchases (started 8 months ago) so we're not struggling when it's time to move into the house.