Friday, July 23, 2010

the rangehood rant...

We've been enjoying our home... HOWEVER it's time for a bit of a rant. We've been so patient with Henley regarding a few issues, but now we've just HAD IT.

A bit of background... we had D'Amani and Baumatic appliances in our contract. An office person took it upon themself to create a variation without our knowledge and forward it to us in the mail to change all appliances to Technika... even after we'd had discussions in length about keeping D'Amani/Baumatic regardless of the fact that Henley were changing going forward. We then received another variation to change appliances back to D'Amani/Baumatic. We thought that was it, happy, move on.

No. About a month before our rangehood was due to be installed I had a feeling that we would still receive the wrong appliances, emailed our admin and asked her to make sure the correct appliances were going to be installed.

A month later, I drive by and see a Technika rangehood box sitting in our garage, immediately contact our admin and advise her NOT to have that installed. A walk through with our SS shortly after we discover the WRONG rangehood hanging from our ceiling. It stays for a few months, and we're assured the correct one will be ordered and installed by handover. Before handover it is removed. House is handed over, with no rangehood.

After a few days of living in our house, tradesmen arrive to install the rangehood. They weren't aware we'd had handover, were going to let themselves in with their builders key. They carry the box into the garage... I take one look at the box and query if what's on the outside matches what's on the inside. The wrong flippen rangehood! I send them away and tell them to come back with the correct one.

Days later, the correct rangehood (third time lucky) arrives. They install it, all fine. Except the part where it fits again the ceiling is smaller than the previous Technika one that they had installed, so we have to deal with looking at holes and marks on the ceiling.

Few days later, maintenance guy comes to patch it up. Since ceiling is sprayed, touch up job with paint brush leaves lots of streaks. A few days later another maintenance guy turns up with a roller, now we have a bigger patch on the ceiling.

Fast forward to today, phone call from maintenance guy, they're coming out to do the WHOLE ceiling with a roller. We have to move ALL furniture from the kitchen, dining and family rooms.

So in summary, office staff, you and know who you are, you've really p!ssed us off and caused loads of inconvenience... not to mention you cost Henley a lot of money! Not paying attention to detail... creating a variation when you already knew we were having NOTHING BUT D'AMANI/BAUMATIC.. then not following up when we advised to DOUBLE CHECK THE APPLIANCES BEFORE INSTALLING... This house still feels like a construction site when it should be our home.

We should also mention when our appliances (cooktop) was being installed, it was discovered that the cut out in the stone bench top was the WRONG SIZE. Henley organised an aboslute animal of a stone cutter to come and cut out extra. We had already moved in, there was dust all over all our furniture. The guy who came was rude and disrespectful, we were moments away from telling him to get the hell out of our home.

Henley have fabulous floor plans, the sales staff at the display homes are wonderful and helpful... but would be recommend them to build your home? Hmmm...


  1. I agree, absolutely NOT. I have a long story things happened after handover, will update my blog later.

    Nice to see you guys are moved and decorating it will and making it a home.


  2. I can feel your pain! Or is it mine.
    They've got to come a bit further to get any of my future business!