Thursday, July 15, 2010

the handover...

happened on June 30th! We have the keys!!! Met our handover guy at the house first thing to go over the items on our final inspection defect list. Everything looked good! Then drove down to Henley to pick up the keys, hand over the final check, and receive our BBQ pack gift... oh and a bag of light globes!!!

Drove back to the house, fitted temp blinds then headed to work.

July 1st we spent our first night in the house, no heating... but it was still fantastic! Heating and appliances have since gone in, and we're slowly making the house a home.

Keys were handed back to our real estate for our rental property today, July 15th. It took 3 truck loads, around a dozen van loads, ute loads, car loads... but we're pretty much all moved now!

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