Friday, April 9, 2010

the landscaping plans...

Now we're getting towards the business end of our build, we've revisited our landscape plans. We keep coming back to the same layout in the backyard, but we're a little undecided with the front. We've met with a local concreter to discuss what we're after, as the driveway will be the starting point. We have grand plans to deck the side of the house and build a pergola to completely enclose the area. We may not get around to building the deck for a while due to $$$ however we've decided we'll concrete the area first, that way we can still use the outdoor areas throughout winter, and it creates a solid base to deck straight over in the future. Below are two plans, the first one is basically where the concrete will be, the second plan shows the final look we're after. Dont pay too much notice to the front yard (apart from the driveway and the decked steps down to the footpath) as the garden layout is still in the planning.


  1. Your plans look really good Erin and Aaron! The only thing I thought of - are you going to have a clothes line of any sort? You might have thought about it already and just not included it in the plan :) Having another look, maybe you are going to put it above the paved area? I love the decked steps coming down the front, is it level out the front or on a bit of an angle?
    On a totally different subject, I'm pretty sure I saw your dining table at the home expo last night and it's gorgeous! If it wasn't the one you are looking at, it was at least very similar I think! Will look great next to your kitchen :)

  2. Hey Bek :)

    have thought about some sort of clothesline in the enclosed cat run area. I dont like to see the clothesline, or have guests see it when we entertain. We have 2m from the house to the fence, so we could put a long line up, and it was still get a bit of sun.

    Our block slopes down a bit towards the footpath, so we'll have a step down every two bits of decking (if that makes sense?)

    I love that table :)