Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the garage door...

Went via the house tonight... and we have a garage door!!!


  1. Hello,

    Looks quite nice, good the see the progress. CSA advised in 2-3 weeks time setttlement is due.
    Read you post on H1 that you are doing your own trenching, I am also thinking doing it on my own. Dial Telstra not much helpful to know what needs to be done for DIY solution. Can you please let me know.


  2. Looks great! Isn't it amazing how it starts to look like a real finished house once they do all the finishing touches :)

  3. Hey Ismail, you can dig the trench yourself. It has to be a minimum of 30cm deep, just be aware of the water pipe and gas pipes while you're digging. Gas pipe should have some yellow plastic tape above it to warn you that you are digging near it. You can buy some 20mm PVC conduit from bunnings. You'll need to know where the phone will come into your block... Try searching on the forum for some better instructions! I'm really bad at explaining things lol

    Thanks Bek! Starting to see the light now... cannot wait to move in!

  4. Hey Aaron, Thanks for that, that seems to be pretty straight forward. I got the Telstra plans for the pit from What I am unsure of is what kind of wire we should put into the conduit and the external box. Is it some thing Telstra is doing for you? I called

    Have a good weekend!

  5. LOVE your facade, garage door looks awesome!!