Monday, March 8, 2010

the front door...

Our beautiful front door is finally on!!! It's a 1200mm pivot door. Corinthian Infinity.


  1. Nice front door - we've got the same door but 1020mm wide as our entry frame isn't that big. On the interior pic you can see a couple of little horizontal beams on the sidelights; will they stay there or be taken off? Why I ask is that on our facade diagram there are no horizontal beams, but on the doorframe delivered last week they're on there!


  2. I love those dors, as you can tell by my new one.

    Looking great guys, bet your getting excited!

  3. Hi guys, I was worried when I saw the two bits of timber at first! But they're only there to help keep the frame sturdy until the doorframe is positioned. Dont know why they haven't taken ours down. I guess they'll remove them when they go to stain the door.

  4. Thanks Michelle :)

    Your door looks great! I'm starting to think we should have hunted for a door with vertical panels to match the long windows on the facade. Henley's options were VERY limited though :(

    Excellent tip about staining before hanging hehehe!

  5. Ummm... maybe? I haven't tried to lift it...

    If you want to steel it, then yes, it's VERY heavy! :)

  6. hahaha. I'm not gonna steal it :) Looks like the kind of door that is usually opened by a butler or a maid. Wonder if henley supply those???

  7. hehehe, I doubt Henley would offer such a service... but it's got me thinking now... lol.

    the doors on the displays are easy to open, we love the way they work. just HAD to have one