Monday, March 1, 2010

the dining table...

We went hunting over the weekend for a dining table to suit the space we have. Now that our island bench has gone in we have a better idea of space and how the area will work. Months and months ago we fell in love with an Australian made Messmate hardwood (recycled telephone poles) table at a store in Essendon.

We headed out to Focus on Furniture (where we've previously purchased our Aussie made spare bedroom suite) on Saturday to have a look. The lady was 'reasonably helpful', but we didn't walk away totally satisified with her customer service. We want to be able to colour match the stain to our existing timber furniture, and she didn't tell us how much it would cost, or seem to want to actually help when we mentioned the custom size we were after.

Sunday we headed out to Nunawading after some Googling to find other suppliers. Nathan at LifeStyle Furniture just off Whitehorse Road was wonderful. We're after a custom size which will be either 3000mm x 1050mm or 2700mm x 1050mm, he quoted us on both, so it's just a matter of going back and taking a piece of our existing furniture to colour match.

This is the table in a different stain. We love that it has the pedestal legs, so it's easier to fit people around the table without legs getting in the way. We already have 8 black leather chairs to go with the table, we may look out for another two of the same to go at the ends, or even two red leather chairs to go at the ends.


  1. You might not go for this, but you know what I reckon would be great on the ends of the table? A bench seat, possibly covered in a feature fabric. Bench seats are great for squeezing on extra guests and kiddies! Ithink bench seats would look amazing with those table legs and be a good space saver too, as they push under further than a chair would... just a thought :-)

  2. That's a great idea! I like mixing styles like that. I dont want to 'hide' the ends of the table behind chair backs... so bench seats would be perfect.

  3. hey mate - table is gorgeous, such beautiful timber, so big, wow! as for seats, I agree with felicity, mix it up a bit, perhaps the end one;s upholstered and the long bench seats just timber, easy to clean etc..