Friday, July 3, 2009

the water tanks NOT to laundry...

After weeks of asking, and weeks of waiting, we finally had an answer from our previous admin of YES ..."they will do a rainbank system to the cold water connections..."

Then apon reviewing our final tender there was a notation... "Due to O.H. and S requirements, Clients request to have an additional point to the laundry is not permitted..."

Reasons being... "This is not treated water... if there is a bug in tank the water is not sterilized... it can cause health issues... not for drinking water but it could be mistaken by someone and if installed it opens up a situation that may result in someone getting ill... and as Henley installed it they could be liable..."

Back to the drawing board for us... maybe Aaron can do something after handover. What a pain in the butt!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh noooo! thats a pain. Thats what I am still wondering as Aaron is plumber you still gone with Henley for whole watertank system. Hopefully i wont have big drama doing it later, as have just plumbing done even that is bit expensive $810.
    I had big dramas from CSA as she was leaving didnt care about things, Soil test done no report, sighting was very badly done. Spoke to council no Rescode applies to the estate. Hopefully will not get call that Tender is cancelled for Tuesday.