Thursday, July 9, 2009

the building contract is SIGNED!...

This morning we drove down to Henley and signed our building contracts!

We had a bit of a hiccup with the copy of the contract that was mailed out to us on Monday for review... they had crossed out the clause regarding Insurance! This was a bit of a worry! We definitely were not signing the contract based on this clause being crossed out (as we'd prefer our build to be insured!!!). Anyway, "R" managed to redo another contract quickly with the CORRECT info, and after an hour and a half of initialling, and signing we were on our way.

We got to about 15 minutes down the road, then "R" called to advise us our bricks from Selkirk (Muscat Haze) have been discontinued! So it's back to Cosham Interiors for us on Saturday to pick another brick.

Tips for anyone signing contracts... Henley send out paperwork prior to the signing date. It saves an awful lot of time to go through everything, list your questions in advance, and initial each page to you already fully understand. There's a lot to sign and initial!


  1. Congrats! Thanks for the tips. We sort hit the wall with Henley. From past 4 days we sleepless night frustrating days. The siting which they should have done properly a long time, they did now and Building Surveyor restricting us to move house one side,so we have to leave 4 m on secondary street as it and front setback to porch 3m. Kind of stuck talking to Council, Vicurban, Building commission. Tender wont progress with resolving this issue. Anyhow sad story of us.
    Good luck and enjoy your trip to Europe

  2. So sorry to hear you're still having troubles. I can imagine how frustrating it is. Just keep at it, fingers crossed everything falls into place. The building commission is very frustrating, it took me about an hour to be put through to the correct person. I certainly didnt want to pay the $2.75 p/min for the hotline number they gave, so I just stayed with the free line, but the wait was painful.

  3. I went back to sale consultant, who did the initial siting and got approval for porch encroachment and reducing the house from master bedroom. Hopefully he said will get some answer on monday.
    What was your issue with BC?
    Good luck with bricks.

  4. Issue with BC? Building Contract? Just that they had accidentally crossed out the entire clause relating to insurance so basically our job site and build wasn't insured. They did up another contract that was correct while we were there.

  5. Sorry I mean to say what was your reason to contact building commission.
    We went back to see sale consultant on sunday and tried to explain what we want and he already approval before and he said these was miss communication took place. He was suppose to get some answer today, no reply hopefully will get some reply.

  6. Oh sorry, the building commission, well we wanted to speak to someone about the insurance clause. If Henley had returned our calls that day, it would have saved all the time and efforts and stress of me chasing the buildng commission about what should be on the contract.