Saturday, May 29, 2010

the cleaning...

Crews have been busy cleaning the interior of our house. We drove by early this morning, had a peek in the window. Still no overhead cupboards in the kitchen... Still the incorrect rangehood... Cant really see too much more, as we have obscure/translucent glass on a few windows.

There's a handful of yellow dots inside... happy to see them on the window sill of the family room window. We're told the big bow in this window will be fixed before PCI (yay!). The glass panels of the ensuite window are yet to be replaced (they dont match each other), but this will also be done prior to PCI. Lots of yellow dots on the exterior. Render that needs to be cleaned off the timber windows...Mortar/paint that needs to be cleaned off bricks...

Brick sills outside the master bedroom haven't been replaced yet. There's awful big gaps where there shouldn't be. There weren't any yellow dots here, but we're hoping our SS hasn't forgotten about them (perhaps reading this post will jog his memory?). There's also a few small sections of eaves that haven't been painted yet. You'd think the painter could stay an extra 30 seconds to finish the job?

Our SS is working on finishing one more house before ours... so we're next on the list. We're told our file should go to the handover department around June 8th... then hopefully we'll get a call within a few days for the final inspection. All going well (when does it ever go well?) we should have keys around end June... (not holding my breath).


  1. Hey there love this Blog - I am building a Henley Retreat (QLD) - just a quick question did you get a third party to check on building quality (yellow dots) or did you do it yourself? Cheers Jazz

  2. Hi, my dad is a private building inspector. We didn't use another independent inspector as we were pretty happy with everything that we'd picked up along the way, and that dad had laid his eye on at earlier stages. Our site supervisor went along and put the yellow dots on... after he handed our file over to the handover dept, the handover guy went along with his own eyes and put his own red dots around. Good luck with your build, what stage are you at?

  3. We are at parts of Stage 5 before the cut and fill (council has been fun!)...

    We are all set to go approval arrived on Friday so... 3 weeks pre-production and we then should be onsite!