Thursday, December 3, 2009

the roof tiles completed...

Day 48: The roof tiling has been completed, and they did a great job! We asked for left overs to use for repairs in the future, but not a single tile was left (that wasn't shattered into 100 peices on the ground)...
Lastly, our front facade windows were put in the correct locations. The 3 awning windows are now all in line, and the non-opening window is at the right on the set back wall. Much happier now.


  1. Thank you Erin. Appreciate it :)

  2. can't believe they didn't leave you some tiles, hmmm, strange...

  3. That is looking beautiful, but we have around 15 tiles leftover. Maybe someone "took" them?
    Great colour choices though!!!

  4. hmmm... we asked our SS to leave us tiles, and he said they would...

    I had a go at a few blokes today. I was walking the dogs around the new estate, and I was watching these two guys with a ute and trailer stop at EVERY building site... I changed direction and started following them, I almost caught up to them a few times then they took off again... by the 6th house I'd caught up to them and gave them a peice of my mind... I was watching them take building materials from sites... in the bins, and from open garages!! I waltzed up and came out with "I dont give a rats if you're taking stuff out of the people's bins, but there's enough assholes around here knocking off stuff from inside houses and garages!!!"

    They weren't 'all there' if you know what I mean... a little dopey... the non-dopiest one responded with "oh, he's just gotta finished a job, and I pulled this from the bin..." blah blah... I was so onto them... got the number plate and descriptions...

    I saw them go into a neighbour's garage and walk out with a few big timber beams, I was furious!!

  5. Thats bit silly and odd. You should report them!